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GO-Mars – Gift Suggestion
Do you too not infrequently ask yourself:

What can I give for a birthday or some special anniversary
How could I make someone happy?
What on Earth does the recipient not yet have?

We can offer you an original solution:

Surprise your dear friend with a spot on one of our Mars images!

Pay an additional 10 Euros over the cost of the reserved pixel area and we will send you a color DIN-A5 card.
On the left inner leaf you can choose between

  • no imprint
  • imprint of the following poem:
    "Three things have stayed with us from paradise:
    The stars in the night,
    The flowers of the day,
    And the eyes of the children."
    Dante Alighieri
  • or a personal imprint.

For a print with a personal text of maximal 200 characters pay 15 Euro in addition to the reserved pixel area.

On the right inner leaf you will see a printout of the selected photograph. On the printout the acquired pixels corresponding to your request are marked and the pixel entry will appear (see sample in photo).

Much happiness with your gift!

Cover leaf of the card

Inner view of the card

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