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Heinrich Wolf: "You have to go unknown ways..." Benjamin Wolf: "...and not only dust!" Petra Wolf: "...for leaving marks..." I think this is a nice place for a weekend cottage DC6HQ is transmitting for worldwide friendship ON6UG Freddy Greetings from KE6MN / DJ0HC in Florida Neal H. Swenor    KA1SAW DF3XZ Hamburg DL3YDY HB9SUK DK3WN Maxim, 4Z5PM. Jürgen - DG1NDE Christian Wolf Peter Adelmann DG2GPA JA0CQP DL7YX from DARC local group A47 DL3XD Olaf in Herzberg je marche sur Mars, whaou!!!  73, Vincent Plousey DO1RGK - Ralf Groß 51570 Windeck-Kohlberg KC9KAF Christa W9DF Dave G7BWO Alles Liebe zum 3 Geburtstag  Dein Papa...... DL5FY - Werner K. Hofmann VK3CSJ FUNKAMATEUR: Magazin für Amateurfunk + Elektronik Thomas Weyrauch: Man must explore! OE6THH, Hubert aus Dobl DJ3FS  - Dieter `Tom`Thomas DB0AMK DC1RGB HB9EMM, vy 73's and best DX de Heiko Linke Reserviert
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excellent view - join the route to Mars Come, sit with me on this rock! Karl DJ4ZC On to Mars! DJ9PC sitting on Mars DL2JWL DF1IH Thomas Eller, DH1TE: -- i was here -- Great views - G8KMH DARC OV Vallendar, K43 CS KD0EAG DG0KS James G3RUH 73 de OE 5 NIL - Harald Sabine, OE1YVW DL3TOM DO5APR wünscht eine gute Reise E-Peter Knopf (DF1IH) is going to Mars Reserviert  
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