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GO-Mars – Pixel Listing
Below you see our donors sorted by pixel quantity and alphabetically. Inclusion is only on request.

Support the world-wide first private mission to Mars! Starting at 50 Euro you can join in!

Upon request you will receive a donation receipt.

Name, Text to display, web linkLink Country Pixel quantity
Griebel, Peter Germany 2000
LINKE, HEIKO Switzerland 1000
FUNKAMATEUR, Box 73 GmbH Germany 800
Kammermeier, Thomas Germany 600
Groß, Ralf Germany 400
Kleinsteinberg, Bernd Germany 400
Knopf, Peter Germany 400
Leufen, Dieter Germany 400
Meinzer Dr., Karl Germany 400
Siedowski, Ehrhart Germany 400
Plousey, Vincent France 300
Geiss, Karl Heinz Germany 200
Holz, Martin Germany 200
Knopf, Peter Germany 200
Partan, James United States 200
Saalfeld, Joerg Germany 200
Tschugmell, Hubert Austria 200
Adelmann, Bernhard Germany 100
Filmer Dr., David United States 100
Forstner, Fritz Germany 100
Fövenyi, Jürgen Germany 100
Groher, Bernd Germany 100
Hofmann, Werner Klaus Germany 100
Keck Dr., Christiane United States 100
Komatsu, Toyoaki Japan 100
Miller, James R. United Kingdom 100
Moe, Donald United States 100
Nitschke, Nils Germany 100
Preuß, Andreas Germany 100
Rupprecht, Mike Germany 100
Saischowa, André Germany 100
Sperber, Frank Germany 100
Thomas, Dieter `Tom` Germany 100
Thomas, Eller Germany 100
Wolf, Benjamin Germany 100
Wolf, Christian Germany 100
Wolf, Heinrich Germany 100
Wolf, Petra Germany 100
Zirngibl, Roman Veit Germany 100
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